Accord Software is keenly aware that aggressive go-to-market cycles, extreme competitive pressures, an ever-changing technology landscape and the paucity of skilled resources are facts of life in the technology and services industry.

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Technology is pivotal to business. As businesses grow & segregate into multiple business units and geographies, the significance of data increases and the infrastructure on which it resides becomes very critical.

The biggest challenges faced by enterprises in the area of systems operations are

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience in designing, deploying and integrating infrastructure management solutions. We offer a hybrid approach of onsite as well as offsite models, understanding that different organizations may prefer a suitable blend of two approaches. We leverage our program management, project management & technology capabilities and skill sets to deliver our services effectively. AccordSoftware focus on technology, client delivery and recruiting capabilities to deliver a suite of highly specialized services and solutions. These distinct practices support our clients in the fulfillment of a wide range of discrete, mission critical projects and ongoing business requirements. Through the intelligent application of world class technology talent, a standardized delivery framework and proven project management methodologies. AccordSoftware Managed Solutions consistently deliver successful outcomes and demonstrable value for our clients.